What is Geopoetics?

The purpose of the geopoetics is to reconceptualize the earth. This we know is impossible. The scope of the earth is far beyond what any one person can understand. The earth is vast and incalculable. It is a plethora of being. It is all of its inhabitants. It is you and me. It is all sentient and non-sentient beings. It is everything that is alive and all things dead,. It is all rivers and mountains, all ghosts and spirits, all animals and plants, all microbes and viruses, their minds, their history, our minds, our history, all memories, everything that has happened on, over and under its surface and all the possibilities and hopes of what has not yet occurred. Not, however, as isolated events or as discrete beings, but as integrated parts of a unified, ensouled and evolving whole. The consequences are clear. A geopoetical examination must stand without ground. It must hover the void. It cannot have any purpose, no predetermined function, no cause, no motive, no predefined reasons for why it exists nor any assumptions about where to begin or end. It must stray. It must improvise. Yet it must still be determined. Because the fatal threats that the earth is now facing is a result of a coward indeterminacy that has allowed the earth to be spoken of as a body without life. This cannot go on. The earth calls on us to make a difference. We feel it in our bones. We hear it in the wind. We see it in how the mountains reflect the sun. This project is an answer to the call of the earth. It does not claim to be exhaustive or comprehensive. It does not claim to solve all problems. Yet it is an attempt to do what needs to be done and to articulate what we take this need to be. By identifying the central mechanisms of how the earth is conceptualized, it aims to expose the most pressing problems, analyze their underlying causes, offer some suggestions of how to handle them and thereby to initiate the movement towards the project's main instrumental core: The irreversible and shared emancipation of all earthbound beings. Read the whole declaration of intent here.

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A World Without the Rule of Men

The oceans are gathering their forces. The forests inhale. Only the common liberation of all earth bound beings can save us. Through a realistic critique of how we speak about the earth we can start to dismantle the current monobiotic society and begin to establish a new geocratic world order. A world with out the rule of men. We need your help - now!

Three Problems

(1) anthropocentrism
(2) reification of language
(3) power accumulation

So far, we have identified three main problems. This is were we aim to begin. We need your help in the further analysis and ask for your assistance to assess the accuracy of our observations. Distilled into these three main problems, our premises and some notes of methodology and scope can be found here. Please read and use this text as you please. Any feedback or input is more than welcomed. We can be reached at

Three Solutions

(1) expanded emancipatory subject
(2) dereification of language
(3) geocracy

Answering to the three main problems identified so far, we have tried to work our three solutions or paths of action. These are not yet fully applicable and we need to find ways to implement the ideas they are meant to capture. In the main text (read it here) we have tried to explain why we think that these are good points of departure. In the slider above, you can also find some initial suggestion for how to start implement them.


We are working hard to develop a number of concrete ways to implement and realize the geocratic ideals. Below is a list of some suggestions that we are working on.

One idea, that we are calling Jord, is a large scale book production project. We want to make a series of books/novels that identify and analyse different moments in the transition from a mono- to a panbiotic society. All serious contributions will be published and distributed globally. Send your book to,and please add a note about yourself and where you are active.

Another project is Sabelsand, a collaborative literary project. Everyone is invited to join. All serious contributions will be published in a bi-anual anthology and distributed globally. The idea is this: Together we shall imagine what adventures might be going on in a geocratic civilization. We shall write myths and stories about its inhabitants and envision what problems and obstacles they will face. Write shorter stories. Make up anecdotes. Focus on the details. Describe a certain people, a certain new form of communiction. Portray the transspecific rites of mountatin girls or describe the collaboration between the cloud tribe and their bird friends. Make up stories about new technology, about the forest and its language. Write about the new letter and sounds, about the fox. Let us know what happened when the Elk entered the cave of Lampidus, or show us the complicated structures of the riddles of worms. In the introductory chapter (available here) you can read some details about the world we are dealing with and use this as your point of departure. Send your chapter contributions to Please add a note about yourself and where you are active.

We are also working on an art-project, called Hemlängtan (sv. the longing home), developed to envisioned to help imagine a geocratic civilization. Everybody is welcome to join. When we have enough images we will collect and publish them in a book and make a large exhibition (presumably in Venice). We are imagining a civilization with a history very similar to our own. Yet with one important difference: as a consequence of its animistic-shintoistic-pantheistic inheritance, people treat all sentient beings as ends in themselves. Imagine a world developed without the influence of monotheism and the monopoly of miracles, as Burroughs puts it. What would that world look like? What would the buildings be like? What forms of communication would there be? What would we eat? What technology would there be? Use any means and medium: sculpture, models, drawings, movies, graphic novels, digital oil. Send your art to Please, add a little note about yourself and where you are active.

Then we have the Project Dolittle, which is an art and research project aimed to understand, explore and develop interspecies communication. All results are gathered at the interspecies communication portal website. The aim is to explore how humans and non-human animals share their experiences of what it means to be a sentient being. The purpose is to learn and inform about how interspecies communication has been, is and should be understood.


In order to summarize the main movements of the geopoetics, we have developed a list of some of its core concepts. These will change and transform as we go along, but can nevertheless work as triggers, inspirational sources or object of critique.

Geocracy means: rule of the earth. The term comes from the the greek ge, earth, and archê, rule. The earth, a being of beings in its own right, rules itself. We listen. This does however not mean that the earth should be considered a kind of autocratic pseudo-individual. The power of the earth will not be reduced to the realpolitik of men. Our understanding of policymaking will instead need to be heightened to her level of complexity. Everything at once. Total power drain. Like the glass of water spilled on the table. Everything will spread out as much as possible. Everything is essential. Each being is the key. Like true holograms. Each piece contains the whole.

The Envoys represent the last power structure of humanity. From a global point of view, that is, if we look at earth as a whole, the geocratic organisation will be absolutely flat, with one exception: the Envoys. Even if they will not strictly speaking be representatives - since they will not represent any separate group of individuals - they could still be considered a kind of residue from an old form of society. The primary role of the Envoys will be to listen, to inform and to destroy. They will listen to our complaints, they will inform us of the tissue that binds us together and, with all the force they can gather, they will destroy any signs of accumulated power. Instantly and without exceptions.

Entoitechture will be the name of what we today call architecture. The procedures and theories will have many common traits, thus the name. But since all entoitechtonic building-materials will be alive (e.g. as organic, crystalline or biolithic life-forms), its methods will also be a lot different. The basic principles of Entoitechture will be this: Our bodies are their homes - their bodies ours. As we learn to embrace this relation, our cities will grow. Not metaphorically, but truly. There will no longer be a difference between city and forests. The mountains will be our homes and our apartments will be made of flesh and blood. It will all be integrated in a large self-conscious organism.

The Constant of Aphrodite. It is clear that we must begin with what we already know. This mean that we must start with what our society thinks is closest to our hearts: economy. The notion of economy is however much richer than often assumed. And insofar as we manage to reconcile it with its original meaning, one thing will become clear: The eco in economy and ecology is the same. Both terms comes from the greek word for house or home (οἶκος). Our home is the earth. Economy is the care for the earth. Nothing else. This is what will condition our socioeconomic circumstances. This will be the measure of our identities. This is the constant of Aphrodite, the phytosemiotic fire of economy. She will be conceptualised in the foam from the foliage.

Phytosemiotic hermeotics is the science of communication without words. This is what the plants do. This is what the sun does. This is what we do when we run out of words. It happens every day. This is also why we are not dealing with a hermeneutics. Understanding does not require interpretation. It requires communication. I need my hermeotics to be phytosemiotic, that is, I need it to work on such a general and abstract level that the trees will understand. That is why I need to reevaluate my identity. I am nothing but the microbes in my guts. As we have seen, the edges of our identities are not that clear. They are not supposed to be. We flow in and out of each other. At the end of the day, that is the point. Phytosemiotic awareness. Absolutely inclusive communication.

Bioneual hermeotics is something similar. But it specifies a more physical connection and the identity of an individual's specific body. The basic idea is this: our bodies are their homes. Their bodies are our cities. Think: the termite mound and the microbe in our cells. Like bioluminescence. We cannot live without them. We are nothing without them. This is the bioneual connection. Thought and body are the same. A home is both an idea and a physical place. We are the homes of the microbes. But they are also our thoughts. We think and live inside living things. When we learn to embrace this relation their bodies will start to form ours. The Envoys replace architecture with entoitechture, and the entoitechtonic building materials would be organic and living. Look at the cities at night. Shining eyes. The differences dissolve. City and forest. Sea and house. The mountains would be our homes. Our apartments would be made of pulsating tissue. All would be integrated in one single, all-embracing, self-conscious organism. Earth.

The transspecificity of communication is the conclusive factor. It is what will make all of this possible. Transspecific means: beyond the borders of species affiliation. Our human identity will no longer be particularly central. It will not be that important whether you are a fir-tree, a ladybug, or a gauna. And we will no longer quantify our experiences as isolated events. In lieu of meteorological arithmetic we will use the arithmetics of intensity. This is nothing new. This is what the bees always have done. They do not count the meters between the flower and the hive. They live the distance, and they communicate this life. All factors are included. The strength of the wind. Larva traumas. The earth’s fragrance. Closeness to water. The position of the sun. Autonomy is telegenesis. That is: the bear is the eyes of the mountain / we are the spirit of the bear / the mountain is the antennae of the land masses. The geobiotic blood shines. We are inside each other. These are consequences of a mineralistic point of view. No location without tryptophane. No meaning without serotonine. No history without noradrenaline. No name without semionine.

No man’s land: The point of departure is decisive. Can we let go of the idea that we have privileged access to reality? Can we become part of the working whole? It’s fair to dig where we stand. We put down our roots in the ground. If something goes to the bottom there’s usually resonance. Poetic. Spiritual. Political. If we do not break our own human circles doesn’t this fact remain: NO ONE IS FREE UNLESS EVERYONE IS FREE? Fear the revenge of the lab rats. It’s not worth it to gamble. That’s why the goal of geopoetics is set so low: a complete and joint liberation of all earthbound beings, dead and alive.

The world is a poem: The earth is open. We are all part of it. Oceans of uncharted territory of thought. The bodily differences are negligible. We share germplasm, genome, bacteria. We share organs. We might not be who, and what, we think we are. In the imagination it flies. Judge by our surprise. The spider’s eye. As clear and close as mine. I see what they see. They see what I see. We find no physical barrier. The mirror’s black space stares back. “Glowing lines / against a dense deep blue sky / traces of light / water | plasma | tissue.” The disorder of the life-forms. Will we hear the earth if the spheres of awareness expand to such a degree that the intuitive forces trace all the different heartbeats? Bursting into ten trillions of things. Liberation to the swarming existence. Nerve against nerve. Exponential acceleration. Everybody’s common reality. Hidden in the open.

Diminished humanity. We imagine a kind of backward movement. It is one step back. Geopoetics is to give space. Beyond our own self-righteousness. Beyond the petrified voices of our language. Beyond our growing power. We are the Envoys, the remnants of man. We stand outside. Like a museum for the memory of the forests and the oceans. We listen with the overall force of the earth. We perform symbolical rites, dances, and plays, to show that retraction is the only action that counts. We want to defend those who stay away. Maintain the principle of refraining. But the Envoys do not stay. Like the nomad they wander along the captivating vertigo of the earth’s vortex, carefully stroking it’s vulnerable tissue. Without destination. Without end. We erase our own traces. Glide. Retract. Let be. Beyond our own complacency. Beyond fossilized yearning. Beyond our growing power. It should be easy.