In order to summarize the main movements of the geopoetics, we have developed a list of some of its core concepts. These will change and transform as we go along, but can nevertheless work as triggers, inspirational sources or object of critique.

Geocracy means: rule of the earth. The term comes from the the greek ge, earth, and archê, rule. The earth, a being of beings in its own right, rules itself. We listen. This does however not mean that the earth should be considered a kind of autocratic pseudo-individual. The power of the earth will not be reduced to the realpolitik of men. Our understanding of policymaking will instead need to be heightened to her level of complexity. Everything at once. Total power drain. Like the glass of water spilled on the table. Everything will spread out as much as possible. Everything is essential. Each being is the key. Like true holograms. Each piece contains the whole.

The Envoys
The Envoys represent the last power structure of humanity. From a global point of view, that is, if we look at earth as a whole, the geocratic organisation will be absolutely flat, with one exception: the Envoys. Even if they will not strictly speaking be representatives – since they will not represent any separate group of individuals – they could still be considered a kind of residue from an old form of society. The primary role of the Envoys will be to listen, to inform and to destroy. They will listen to our complaints, they will inform us of the tissue that binds us together and, with all the force they can gather, they will destroy any signs of accumulated power. Instantly and without exceptions.

Entoitechture will be the name of what we today call architecture. The procedures and theories will have many common traits, thus the name. But since all entoitechtonic building-materials will be alive (e.g. as organic, crystalline or biolithic life-forms), its methods will also be a lot different. The basic principles of Entoitechture will be this: Our bodies are their homes – their bodies ours. As we learn to embrace this relation, our cities will grow. Not metaphorically, but truly. There will no longer be a difference between city and forests. The mountains will be our homes and our apartments will be made of flesh and blood. It will all be integrated in a large self-conscious organism.

The Constant of Aphrodite
It is clear that we must begin with what we already know. This mean that we must start with what our society thinks is closest to our hearts: economy. The notion of economy is however much richer than often assumed. And insofar as we manage to reconcile it with its original meaning, one thing will become clear: The eco in economy and ecology is the same. Both terms comes from the greek word for house or home (οἶκος). Our home is the earth. Economy is the care for the earth. Nothing else. This is what will condition our socioeconomic circumstances. This will be the measure of our identities. This is the constant of Aphrodite, the phytosemiotic fire of economy. She will be conceptualised in the foam from the foliage.

More to come…